A Math Enrichment Company Aims to Take Your Student’s Math Skills to the Next Level

A new educational company, Ellipsis Academy, offers math enrichment for elementary and middle school students through various programs that foster excellence in fundamental math skills, problem solving, and critical thinking in a fun and enjoyable way. The company’s mission is to encourage and provide opportunities to students to increase their confident, skills, and love of math.

Ellipsis Academy applies a unique approach that focuses on the right balance of problem solving and fundamental skills which strengthen and reinforce concepts learned. Through this approach, students will also engage in fun activities through selective math games.

“Ellipsis Academy enables students to take their math skills to the next level. Bright students, who are accelerated in math, should experience a curriculum that is more closely matched to their academic needs and abilities. They should be appropriately challenged and placed with other students who have similar abilities. We enable this by carefully matching students to the right classes through a placement test.” explained Elly Sarwono, the founder of Ellipsis Academy.

“We believe that each student has the potential to shine and we are committed to constantly encourage and challenge them to do better in math,” added Sarwono.

This fall, Ellipsis Academy offers classes at the Old Redmond School House and outreach programs at various elementary schools.  All classes are taught by experienced math coaches. Classes offered include preparation for local and national math competitions.

More information about the test and classes offered can be found at www.ellipsisacademy.com.


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