Domestic violence charity in search of contestants, sponsors/vendors and volunteers.

Masters & Duke of Nine                                                     Entertainment, Fashion Show and Elite Male Competition For A Cause.

Sponsorship requests:


Masters & Duke of Nine northwest competition requests your sponsorship participation for our upcoming event with a cause. This pageant style competition showcases single northwest males over 21 expressing the upside of men who represents a well-rounded appeal in men’s lifestyles, as in sense of inner and outer self, overall positive images, educated, engages in social/community interactions, environment conscious, possess talents and skills considered to be the whole 9 yards.  This entertaining and spectacular competition will present a diversity of northwest males in various categories.  This annual competition event will be held weekly over a period of 5 weeks in search of the best contestants.  Winners will go into semi-finals and crowning the final nine.  Competition will begin in September/October with some celebrity appearances, live entertainment and great prize packages during events.  Make your nominations!


Our target audience: is female, over 21, single and married, enjoys her entertainment options, health and beauty conscious, fashionistas, sophisticated and independent, active/fit lifestyles, financially savvy with incomes over 40kt, educated, homeowners, loves to travel and free spirited.


Our male market in attendance is a great opportunity to capture this market during all the events, because where there are hundreds of women there will be unlimited number of men to appreciate these women.  Again, this is a perfect time to address male consumers on many levels.  Men who live well, home owners, incomes upward of 55-60 kt., educated, fitness conscious, drives stylish cars, dress well and tech savvy.  Campaign Pledge: Real Men Don’t Abuse/Man Up Card.  The card provides lasting reminders for your business while re-enforcing no domestic violence tolerance.


Cause Platform: The competition and contestants will strongly be influential and a voice toward supportive resources and programs in the battle of domestic violence.  Contestants will re-enforce education against and advocate prevention behaviors towards this devastating crisis in families.  Real men don’t abuse.  Either you know of somebody effected directly or will know unfortunately at some point. The stats are mind-shattering, heartbreaking and unacceptable. 


Our goal: is to raise 100,000 and up throughout our entire campaign to help as many women and children in need fleeing from domestic violence as possible through our events and more..  Through our efforts and partnering up with community agencies, organizations: King County Domestic Violence Coalition, YWCA, Eastside D.V., media, businesses, individuals and others, we will provide a safe home environment/comforts, fulfill hope/wish lists, medical/dental and mental health care and financial/legal support, transportation, clothes, school needs and the education/job means to stay financially independent without the fear of abuse.


Sponsorship opportunity: Masters of Nine is an excellent opportunity for increased exposure and access to a target market base.  Sponsorship offers branding exposure and availability to promote products and services, offer discounts, complimentary services, giveaways and more to set your business out front for a win win outcome.  Contact Marlena at gmarlena@gmail.com and/or call 425-279-3906 for sponsorship information.  Website: B-ViZionary.com and facebook/masters of nine from your page. Please take our domestic violence pledge/challenge!


Masters & Duke of Nine event support can be as follows:


  • Financial support: sponsorships/donations
  • Business vendors/community booths
  • In-kind sponsors: gift bags, trips, retail, technology, raffle items, home makeovers, printing, web design/logo, signage
  • Silent Auction Items
  • Clothing retailers/designers for fashion show
  • Jewelry sponsor
  • Car sponsor
  • Camcorders for contestants and survivors
  • Wine/Chocolates sponsor
  • Artists: Graphic Designer, Portraits/Painting
  • Media sponsors: Radio/tv, newspaper/magazine
  • Awards: Trophy's/Plaques
  • Beauty/Makeover specialists
  • Event volunteers: Pre- organizing and weekend activities
  • Speakers: Celebrities, political, healthcare
  • Music artists: jazz,country,rock,R&B and D.J.





Pink Details Media & Events  is presently organizing all event activities and participants.


Volunteers are greatly welcomed to make this entertaining event for an essential cause a wonderful success.  Many of us have excellent skills and resources in many different areas that will be very valuable to the event.  Please let us know how you would like to participate.  Contact Marlena at 425-279-3906 or gmarlena@gmail.com.  Thanks for your support!


Team leads and volunteers needed for:


1. In-kind and financial sponsorships

2. Gift bags/raffle items

3. Fashion show/dress designs, boutiques, coordination

4. Beauty makeovers

5. Media sponsors

6. Silent auction items

7. Vendors: Business and community

8.  Musicians

9. Speakers/Celebrities

10. Artists

11. Car sponsor

12. T-shirts

13. Hotel accommodations

14. Awards to contestants and survivors of D.V.

15. Graphic designer for website/logo/flyers

16. D.V.  based resources/associations/groups/programs

17. Register and coordinate all contestants


Domestic violence campaign pledge in action.


Join Pink Details Media & Events and Masters and Duke of Nine in pledging

1 Million ways to refuse abuse and take action against domestic violence.  Join the campaign in “The Race To Stop and Refuse Domestic Violence”


Take the challenge to embrace warm hearted delicious food and no tolerance for domestic violence. Register your best Savor To Save recipes and make your pledge to take action.  Send us your tasty dishes and pledges via video and we will showcase it on our site, at our events and will be giving out awards/prizes to the best selected.  A powerful movement enjoying and sharing good food to change society’s attitudes, policies, mindsets/behaviors and cultures in the cure for Domestic Violence. Thanks for your voices and action on this crisis in families.  Let’s start the countdown!  Donations are most appreciated toward our cause.  Help us to make a D.V./foster kids dream to go to Disneyland/World a reality.  Thank you for any unused air miles.  Inquire about details. 


From your facebook page search pinkdetailsmediaandevents and/or mastersofnine and post your information and like us. Email: gmarlena@gmail.com




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