October 2013 Is Dyslexia Awareness Month


Contact: (LearningRx- Issaquah)

Cornell Atwater


(425 657-0908)

October is National Dyslexia Awareness Month. Local brain training center helping children overcome reading struggles, NOW offering 50% OFF assessments throughout October 2013 (Issaquah, WA)

 "Most people who have observed their child struggling to read probably know the basics: dyslexia is not really about reversing letters, it makes reading difficult, and even smart kids can be dyslexic," says Cornell Atwater, Director/Owner of LearningRx - Issaquah.  "But thanks to advances in technology, neuroimaging and neuroplasticity, new research is available about the science of dyslexia - from its causes to how to essentially eradicate it."  Scientific studies continue to support brain training as a long term solution to treat the root cause of dyslexia (i.e. weak cognitive skills). Unlike other intervention programs, the LearningRx program doesn’t make assumptions about the root cause of the reading difficulty. Instead, the program begins with the gold standard of assessment tools, the Woodcock-Johnson Tests of Cognitive Abilities.  Throughout the month of October, parents or grandparents can bring their child in for 50% OFF an assessment that will measure their cognitive skills.  Weak cognitive skills can be treated through brain training.

Unlike digital brain training games, intensive, one-on-one brain training uses the brain's plasticity to rebuild neural connections, find faster routes to process information and increase the processing speed of existing neural connections.

"Most parents do not even know this type of 'brain training' exists," says Atwater.  "This is not magic. It applies the latest research in brain science to cognitive skills training to help overcome reading struggles.

 A certified cognitive skills training expert can literally change an individual’s brain through intensive one-on-one training to help a person learn better and retain information. It is not tutoring - it is improving the underlying mental skills, including auditory processing and executive processing speed - essential to learn and perform tasks well. It is like strength conditioning for the brain."

To schedule an appointment and receive 50% OFF the assessment and to learn more call 425 657-0908 or visit www.learningrx.com/issaquah.

 About LearningRx

 LearningRx specializes in treating the cause - not the symptoms - of learning struggles. The programs' game-like exercises and 1:1 trainer-to-student ratios provide guaranteed dramatic improvement in as little as 12 to 24 weeks. With more than 86 centers across the country, LearningRx brain training can help anyone - from 5 to 85 - increase the speed, power or function of their brain.  To learn more about LearningRx, visit www.learningrx.com/issaquah


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