Adopt This Pet: Meet Annie, the Mystery Dog

Annie's breed is not known but she's an active one-year-old looking for forever home.

MEET ANNIE, the mystery breed.  We aren’t sure what Annie is (maybe greyhound/terrier/pincher and otherJ) but one thing we do know is she has the best temperament!! She is also a super great size with perfect hair (very short) for those nights when you take her out walking in the pouring rain.

THE DETAILS: Annie was rescued from a shelter in Idaho, and boy was she worth rescuing.  She is young (about 1 yr old) which means she won’t grow much taller and will just get more chubby as she fills out.  She gets along very well with other dogs so she would be perfect to head to the local dog park or go on that hike you want to go on! 

Annie knows how to walk on a leash and just needs a little more training to learn not to pull.  She is very responsive to people. She is extremely friendly and loves kids and adults alike.  We haven’t cat tested her but she is interested in birds, so she might be best in a no-cat household.  Annie doesn’t jump up and is crate trained.  If you are looking for an easy dog to take places that is the perfect ‘portable’ size, Annie will delight you.  She has a darling little face to match her sweet little personality.  If you are an active family that enjoys getting out for walks and hikes and camping, Annie would love to be part of your life.  She will make the dark and gloomy winter extra fun. She is even learning how to fetch and would love to know more tricks.

Like all rescue dogs, Annie seeks a family or person that will keep her for her lifetime. Since she is about only 1 year old, this is a BIG commitment.  Before adopting any dog, make sure you have a family commitment to keep your new adoptee for the 15plus years that they can live, even when your kids go off to college.  As rescue dogs, they deserve a happy future!

If you are interested in meeting darling Annie or any of the dogs available through 11th Hour Animal Rescue, please email 11th Hour at dogfarm@gmail.com for an adoption application.  You can also view all their dogs, as well as other dogs/cats in need of homes, on www.petfinder.com
Search under 11th Hour Animal Rescue and Sanctuary or go to this link : http://www.petfinder.com/shelters/WA233.html.  

There is an adoption donation for each animal in order to cover expenses, neutering and transportation, and also to allow the volunteers to continue their animal rescue work.


11th Hour Animal Rescue and Sanctuary in Issaquah  is a small, independent collection of animals and animal lovers. Founded in 2004, they are a safe haven for animals of all kinds including dogs, llama's, alpacas, and goats. They are dedicated to the rescue of animals that would otherwise face a certain death in high kill shelters across the nation. Their focus is saving dogs that are down to their last hours and in urgent need of rescue.

11th Hour does not have a brick and mortar shelter, but instead works with loving foster families to keep the dogs until permanent homes are found.  All dogs have been vaccinated and spayed and neutered. Any donations go toward the continued efforts of their rescue work.



For a full list of homeless pets in need of forever homes in the Seattle Area, please visit www.petfinder.com.  Put your zip code in the Search Box and see the many animal rescue groups in our area. 







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