LEGO Stop-Motion Animation Workshop to be Held Friday at Mercer Island Library

LEGO fans from ages 8 to 12 from Sammamish and the Seattle area can head to Mercer Island to learn how to make an animated film.

Update: This event is over. But enjoy the video clips and read more about the Clay Animation Network.

We at Sammamish Patch know that driving to Mercer Island for an event might be a bit too far for some who live on the Plateau.

But in this case - a LEGO animation workshop on Friday at the  - might be worth the trek, especially given how kids, um, of all ages enjoy those plastic bricks that can make almost anything.

Lukas Allenbaugh, a former elementary school teacher who runs the Clay Animation Network, will lead the Friday session, which runs from 10 to 11:45 am. Participants need to be between the ages of 8 and 12 and registration is required.

Workshop participants can bring their own LEGOs for their stop-motion animation video. Or they can use LEGOs that the instructor will bring. Students also will learn how to operate a digital camera, make props and add sound and voice-overs to animated pieces, according to the King County Library System.

Given that many students in Sammamish have spring vacation this week, the workshop might be worthwhile to attend. As of Tuesday evening, the workshop had openings. The group, , is sponsoring the workshop.

Of course, the question is: What will the end product look like? 

Well, that depends on the creativity of the workshop participant. But take a look at some of the stop-motion animated pieces that the Clay Animation Network has on its YouTube page.

The five animated pieces embedded on Sammamish Patch use LEGOs, clay and drawings. Participants can include plots if they want in their animated creations - or they can just go with shapes, colors and sounds. 

For more information, contact Margaret Martin at the Mercer Island Library. Her phone number is 206-236-3537. Her email is margmart@kcls.org.

Editor's note: If an embedded YouTube clip is buggy on your computer, try clicking on the video next to the one that is having problems. Or in the embedded selection menu, click on the same video again. Sammamish Patch would like to thank all of the animation artists who made short videos and posted them online. For news and information about Mercer Island, visit Mercer Island Patch.


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