Letter to the Editor: Take the Opportunity to Learn About Recent Wolf Pack Killings

Bob McCoy says an upcoming documentary event at the Sammamish Library will also offer an opportunity for discussion about recent Fish and Wildlife decisions regarding a wolf pack in Washington state.

Dear Editor,

You’re probably aware that the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife authorized the killing of an entire  wolf pack in Stevens County this week. In the past few days, WDFW has killed five wolves from the pack, in addition to several they had killed earlier. The action has destroyed the Wedge wolf pack.

This Saturday, Sept. 29, Wolf Haven International and Mountain Lion Foundation are showing the documentary Lords of Nature: Life in a Land of Great Predators at the Sammamish Library. Details are here on Patch.

The one-hour video documents the return of wolves to Yellowstone, and shows the positive effects of restoring the apex predator to an eco-system. The video also compares the effects of absence of cougars in Zion National Park to nearby North Creek where there are cougars. The video clearly shows why biologists and conservationists want to see wolves return.

Linda Saunders, of Wolf Haven, and I will answer questions regarding the video, as well as questions regarding the situation in northeastern Washington. The afternoon will provide an opportunity to learn more about wolves and mountain lions, as well as to discuss the socio-political aspects of trying to restore our eco-systems to health.

See you at the Sammamish Library, Saturday at 1:00 PM.

Bob McCoy

Field Representative

Mountain Lion Foundation


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