Sammamish-Issaquah Photo a Day Challenge: Oct. 1, "Why I Live Here"

Share your uniquely home images captured in our beautiful area this month. Today, Oct. 1, share a photo that tells "Why I live here."

I'm sure you've seen people sharing a Photo a Day on various social media, and we love our community gallery here with your great pictures of life around the Sammamish and Issaquah area.

It got me thinking, what fall portrait would our collective lens paint here? There's so much beauty, and great community and goings on all through the month, I'd love to see a daily snapshot of Sammamish and Issaquah through your camera (or smartphone) lens. Upload your photo, and if you like, say a few words about it in the caption - or let it speak for itself. I'll do my best to add one each day, though I'll be taking mine the day before each theme to include in the article when it's posted. Add one everyday, or just on the days that most inspire you!

So I'll post a new article with the day's theme at 6 a.m. daily and feature it on the home page until midnight.

Here's your challenge for today, Oct. 1: "Why I Live Here"

Whether you follow the rules strictly by taking a new picture on the theme every day or sharing one that you took before that uniquely expresses the theme of the day is up to you. To see them all, go to the October Sammamish-Issaquah Photo Challenge topic page on the news menu.

Here's my list, inspired by challenges I've seen elsewhere on social media:

Oct. 1 Why I live here Oct. 2 Makes me smile Oct. 3 Humpday Eastside style Oct. 4 Family Oct. 5 What I curl up with Oct. 6 Salmon Days Oct. 7 Morning in Sammamish-Issaquah Oct. 8
Columbus Day Oct. 9
Harvest time Oct. 10
The view from here Oct. 11
What I think of when I think of Sammamish-Issaquah Oct. 12
Getting around in Sammamish-Issaquah Oct. 13
Saturday Oct. 14
Self-Portrait Oct. 15
On the street Oct. 16
Fall Outdoors Oct. 17
Wine Wednesday Oct. 18
Home in Sammamish-Issaquah Oct. 19
How I spent my Friday evening Oct. 20
Fall colors Oct. 21
Community Places Oct. 22
Creature feature Oct. 23
Dinnertime Oct. 24
Who I saw today Oct. 25
My work Oct. 26
Politics Oct. 27
Preparing for Winter Oct. 28
Sunday Breakfast Oct. 29
The view from here redux Oct. 30
School Day Oct. 31

Editor's note: Until I get out to get my own photo on this gorgeous day, I've shared a great sunset picture from the other night from our Pics & Clips gallery.


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