Rich Block, Poor Block: How Does Your Neighborhood in Issaquah or Sammamish Compare?

Do different parts of Sammamish and Issaquah have different income levels? And how do the closest neighbors compare? Read on to find the answer.

Drive through Issaquah and Sammamish, and you will notice that some neighborhoods are more affluent than others. But just how wide is the disparity between different parts of town?

A new data-based website, Rich Blocks, Poor Blocks provides some answers to that question. The site uses U.S. census information compiled from the 2007-2011 American Community Survey to show median household income and monthly rents by census tract.

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The data show that the median household income in Issaquah rages from $58,697 to $135,313. Lake Sammamish waterfront or a majestic view tends to be a good indicator of wealth in Issaquah. The Talus neighborhood and the Cougar Mountain census tract was Issauqah's wealthiest, with the South Lake Sammamish area close behind with a median income of $131,806.

Issaquah's median monthly rents range from $1,026 in South Issaquah neighborhoods and the Tibbetts Creek area on the city's west side, where rental apartments are relatively plentiful, to $1,510 per month median in the unincorportated Klahanie area, which has a number of "premium" condos and apartments for rent, such as the Sundance and Summerwalk apartment complexes.

In Sammamish, median household incomes range from $106,806 to $166,958. Income levels are highest in the Southeast and Northwest parts of the city, either along the waterfront or near Beaver Lake and Soaring Eagle Regional Park.

Sammamish's median monthly rents reflect a small number of rooms-for-rent at $635 in the Beaver Lake area of town, up to $1,522 near Pine Lake area, which has the largest pool of multi-family condo units for rent in this largely suburban, single-family home city.

Nearly every Issaquah tract and all of Sammamish has an average income well above the statewide middle-class range of $52,508 to $64,322.

Sammamish is second only to Mercer Island in the state with the highest median household income in cities over 20,000 people.

To see the data mapped out and check out more Puget Sound-area neighborhoods, visit the Rich Block, Poor Blocks website.

Christie Malchow February 21, 2013 at 05:17 PM
I don't think you can really draw any real conclusions about neighborhoods or "blocks" from this website. It does give an overall picture of "wealth" in a given city or an area of a city, but certainly doesn't break it down to "blocks" as the site name suggests. Based on income alone, nearly all of Sammamish is sitting at the very wealthy end of the spectrum - from the Sahalee neighborhood way up North, all the way South until you hit Providence point & out East to Soaring Eagle park with zero color differentiation.
Kendall Watson February 21, 2013 at 05:39 PM
Glad you mentioned that, Christie. I think it's important to recognize that these are really broad swathes of the area, rather than city "blocks". But is does offer a level of detail below the city-wide view, which I believe is interesting and valuable to a certain extent (if you go to the website, you'll see there is significant variation from one census tract to the other, although none fall below a median of $100K, which is remarkable). For example, the story highlights the fact that a broad majority of Sammamish residents are well over the state's median household income. I think it's important to recognize that the community and local families have resources that are not widely available to other communities in this state. Issaquah, on the other hand, is significantly more diverse from an economic standpoint. Hopefully stories like this will help expand understanding of economic diversity and how that affects decision-making at the local, state and national level.
Kendall Watson February 21, 2013 at 05:41 PM
Also, how about those rentals going for $635 in Beaver Lake?


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