Sammamish Families: Get Back In Shape With Your Child In Tow

You can get back in shape even if you have your baby or toddler in tow.

I've struggled to stay in shape for the past 20 years. And once I had my daughter and then my son, staying fit became even more of a challenge.

Unlike celebrities who whip their bodies back in shape in just weeks after giving birth, I had no full-time personal trainer and nanny. Luckily there are options for Sammamish parents who want to work out and need to bring their babies or toddlers with them.  

Work Out Early or Late

One of the most popular classes at the Sammamish mom-owned kickboxing facility,  , is the 6 am class offered Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Moms work up a sweat in the 50-minute class while their families are still asleep. Sometimes you have to give up a little sleep or your evening "down time" in order to meet your fitness goals. But having that extra energy from getting fit and getting back into your "pre-baby" jeans, make the sacrifices worthwhile.

Take A Yoga Class With Your Baby

Redmond's  offers a number of classes for pre-natal students and an Infant and Me yoga class for moms and dads accompanied by their babies, newborn to "crawlers." For more information, call 425-861-1318 or visit Discover Yoga's website.

Stroller Strides

Stroller Strides allows parents to work out with their babies. The program includes power walking and body toning. Currently, a class meets at several Eastside locations, including the Pine Lake Club and . More information for the Sammamish class, including prices, locations and times is available online.


If you like music and dancing and prefer group fitness activities, Jazzercise could be the perfect fit for you. Classes are offered in Sammamish at the and in Redmond at the  daily except Sunday. The Redmond location offers some classes that include a child care option as well as evening classes. And your first class is free. Just show up a few minutes early to fill out a medical questionnaire and waiver and register. For more information visit the website

Work out with a Trainer at a Park or Your Home

Marianne Taylor is a certified fitness trainer and a mom of young kids. She understands the challenges that moms face when trying to get back into shape.  She works with clients both on site at  in Bellevue, which offers child care, and outside at local Eastside parks and at the homes of her clients. Contact Marianne at 425-281-3713.

On-site Child Care

Several local gyms including the Sammamish Family YMCA offer on-site child-care facilities. If you choose to use your gym's on-site child care facility, make sure it is safe and clean and your child is happy being left there. Ask about the qualifications of the staff and the check in and check out procedures. Hang out inside the facility and watch if children are well attended. Your child should not be bored or plopped in front of a TV the whole time. Make sure babies have infant-appropriate toys to play with and will not be in danger of being stepped on by older kids. 


Stroll Inside a Mall

First get a jogging stroller. Ask friends whose kids are getting older if you can buy their stroller or check out consignment stores or Craigslist.com for a gently used ones. You'll get a much better deal than buying one new. And yes, they really do make a difference in how fast you can go and how good a workout you'll get. Then, find a local mall that is open early to walkers.  opens at 7 am for the breakfast crowd seven days a week. For added motivation, make a date to stroll with a friend.

Work Out with a Fitness Video

I have a friend who has always been super busy and super fit. She swears by her workout tapes, especially now that she has two little kids. If you like having a flexible schedule, the ability to work out at home and don't need the motivation of working out with other people, tapes might be the perfect option for you too.  New fitness tapes and DVDs can be expensive so before making the investment, try borrowing some from your local library and see which ones work best for you. 

Walk and Play with Your Child

When the weather permits, try to get outside daily and go for a walk with your baby in a sling, baby carrier or in a stroller. Even if you walk for just 20 minutes, you will feel better and your baby will be stimulated by the outdoors and enjoy all the new things to see and smell. Take your toddler to a local park like  and don't just sit there, play with them. I'm often surprised how much sweat I can work up just playing tag with my kids and climbing on playground equipment with them. You will get a workout but most importantly, your children will have wonderful memories of having a fun time with you. 


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