Video: Polar Bear Plunge 2013 at Nolte State Park's Deep Lake

About two dozen hardy folks got a refreshing start to the new year Tuesday as part of an annual tradition to dive into the local lake, which hovered at right about 37 degrees.

The two dozen or so brave souls who stripped down to swim wear and dove into chilly Deep Lake Tuesday have made it a tradition to do so every New Year's Day as a way to welcome the new year.

Some have been doing it as long as 13 years though we understand as an organized event, this year marked the seventh year of the Polar Bear Plunge for Enumclaw (and nearby) residents.

We went around asking folks what their New Year's resolutions were, and as these guys were all up for taking on the challenge of 37-degree water, they shared they have some variation of physical fitness as a goal this new year. (see video)

Or the dip simply represented a cleansing in preparation for the new year.

Tell Us: If you didn't take a dip in freezing cold water Tuesday (and really, who could blame you), do you have another tradition to mark the start of a new year? What is it?

Trudy D'Armond January 02, 2013 at 04:47 PM
Outstanding!! What a spirited and REFRESHING report! Great fun, even though you wouldn't catch me out there in the cold! Happy New Year!
dexterjibs January 04, 2013 at 05:46 AM
That is some crazy white people there.


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