Watch Out for Wildlife!

The city of Sammamish says there have been a number of traffic accidents involving wildlife recently.

It's that "special" time of year for the local deer population, and it's become a problem recently for Sammamish drivers.

The city of Sammamish sent an email alert to residents today asking people to be on the lookout for wildlife:

In recent days, reports of collisions or near misses with wildlife have been filtering into City Hall. Please be on the lookout for deer and other wildlife as you travel along city roads.

This evening, a Patch user related a tale of a young fawn hit and killed by a car near Beaver Lake Middle School on Monday, Aug. 27.

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife says nearly half of all deer/car collisions happen in October and November, but the active fall mating season for deer is already starting. See the department's website for tips on driving in deer country.

For more info on living with wildlife, and to meet some of the people and dogs that help train humans and animals to get along, don't miss the demonstration at the Sammamish Farmer's Market Wednesday, Aug. 29.

Margaret Santjer August 29, 2012 at 02:02 PM
Over in Bellevue, I saw a dead young deer on the entrance to I-90 westbound off of I-405 last week -- a reminder of how close we are to wildlife even though we're in the city.
Allison September 04, 2012 at 01:57 AM
If you find wildlife that has been injured Sarvey Wildlife will assess the situation, even if an animal has been hit by a car they might be able to save & rehabilitate the injured animal. They are based out of Arlington but have satellite offices including the Bellevue area. If the Sheriff arrives on the scene first, they may have to put the animal down. See the SARVEY WILD LIFE website: http://www.sarveywildlife.org/


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