FAA Temporarily Grounds All Boeing 787 Dreamliner Jets

The announcement comes hours after a 787 made an emergency landing in Japan due to apparent battery problems.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) temporarily grounded all Boeing 787 jets on Wednesday after a series of technical issues with the new aircraft, casting a pall on Boeing's record 2012.

The decision comes the same day that two major airlines in Japan grounded all their Dreamliner jets after one made an emergency landing at the Takamatsu airport. The Associated Press reported investigators found burn marks and leaking electrolyte near the main lithium battery.

The Japan incident followed a similar battery issue in Boston, according to a statement issued by the FAA. The agency said it will work with Boeing to correct problems with the aircraft's batteries. Earlier, the FAA said it believes the planes are safe despite recent problems.

United Airlines is the only US carrier currently operating the 787, with six of the planes in service.


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