Issaquah Cash Mob to Hit Grange Supply Thursday, Oct. 25

The Young Issaquah Professionals host a lunchtime shopping frenzy at Issaquah's local farm and garden co-op store, located at 145 Northeast Gilman Blvd.

This month Cash Mob Issaquah will hit The Grange Supply, a local business established in Issaquah in 1934, at noon on Thursday, Oct. 25. 

Every mobber can enter to win prizes ranging from gift certificates to local businesses such as Issaquah Museum Framing, Elements Therapeutic Massage, and Sister's Antiques.

Along with the customary cash mob prizes, you can guess the weight of their gigantic pumpkin (and buy your pumpkin if you haven't yet!), and receive 20% off rain gear at the local co-op. 

Simply put, a Cash Mob is a group of people who congregate at a locally-owned business and infuse their collective cash into the local merchant’s register.  The day, time and location of the mob are conveyed via social media and The Mobbers are simply required to show up, have a good time and shop.  In most cases, Mobbers are asked to spend around $20 each, but any amount will do.

Mob Bosses wanted

Simply recruit as many friends and family to join you for the Cash Mob.  Show up at the designated time and mob, for not only a chance to support a local business, but also to get a great MOB BOSS tshirt and be eligible for special prizes.

--Information from Cash Mob Issaquah

Audrey Slade October 23, 2012 at 10:15 PM
Who will we see at the MOB?
Jeanne Gustafson October 23, 2012 at 10:48 PM
I'm going to try to come by--I'm a tough rain person now (um, maybe), but I could use some gear for taking the dog out in the mud and muck, I'm realizing.
Jeanne Gustafson October 26, 2012 at 02:08 AM
Thanks for adding some great photos of the Cash Mob, Audrey. Sorry that back to back staff meetings kept me away this time--I guess I missed the great bargains along with the fun this time!


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