Renton Flower Shop Wins Readers' Choice

The longtime downtown Renton Flower Shop returned after more than a decade-long absence.

Congratulations to this weeks poll: , who received 47 percent of the vote. This week’s poll was close.  The runner up, received 42 percent of our readers’ votes.

The Renton Flower Shop drew more than 75 people to its grand opening and ribbon cutting last week.

The shop isn’t new, per se, but its location is. Owners Toni Nelson and her daughter Roxanne Hanson have worked together before as florists. That was more that a decade ago in shop with the same name and phone number, but located several blocks away at 410 S. Third Street.

The mother-daughter duo left the flower business in 2001 after 43 years for Nelson and 20 years Hanson. The “new” location opened on April 16.

But come President’s Day 2012, Nelson spotted the vacant storefront on Main Ave. S. The former commercial Laundromat shares a wall with Puhich Dry Cleaners and Roadrunner Trophy. The long and narrow space has now transformed to a welcoming flower shop with green accents, from the original tile entry to the furniture and the aprons.

The color green wasn’t intended, Nelson said. Instead, it just happened to be the color of the furniture they picked out from the Salvation Army.

Many longtime customers have noticed that nothing has changed in the way of customer service, something the pair pride themselves on. They’ve also noted the original telephone number, Hanson said. 

Free delivery service is offered to Downtown Renton Businesses, , , and Mt. Olivett Cemetery, if order is place prior to day of delivery.

Gift baskets with beer and wine will also be available as soon as the store receives its liquor license.

Here’s what some of our readers have to say about the top-two vote getters for this week’s poll (click on the hyperlinks to add your own business review):



“Love! The Renton Flower Shop! I've received several different bouquet from the florist and they've even donated an arrangement to my Mary Kay parties. Beautiful :)”

         -Melissa Depaul


“Beautiful bouquets! I just received one as a gift and it was by far the most beautiful flowers I have ever received.”

         -Amy Dillashaw



“Fabulous arrangements and gift items. The did all the flowers for my daughter and my sons weddings. They were helpful in helping us select wonderful flowers with in our budget. Everything was delivered and set-up on schedule. Also a great member of the Renton community!”

         -Terri Briere


“For my birthday. It was on a day they were not open-but someone was at the shop and delivered flowers to me anyway!! I had been so sad that I was alone that day, but the flowers in combination with the extra effort by Cuginis made me smile. (They also saved my husband, by the way.)”

         -Sandra Meyer

Dot Pishnek April 28, 2012 at 07:04 PM
It's odd 'they' believe that we would believe it. Those same Good Ole Renton Network people were the same ones cheering when Toni left town. Remember when she 'looked in the eye' of the Oklahoma Sonics owner and claimed him to be a trustworthy honest man. We have memories people and we can do math. Good Ole Renton Network. Can't get anything 'real' done cause they are all to busy patting/stabbing each other in the back. Sad.
Jacob Arnold May 01, 2012 at 12:36 AM
Well I voted for Cugini but congradulations to Renton Flower Shop. It is sad these negative comments are on here. This wasn't just based on votes lets not start a flame war on here. Because I am sure you people work for Cugini or something making a big deal over a blog, you have lost my business.
Dot Pishnek May 01, 2012 at 01:01 AM
Jacob - how open minded of you. No I do not work for Cugini, nor do I work for the Renton Flower Shop. I am self-employed. It is sad YOU would throw your words around without knowing what you speak of. Take care and look out cause people are all around you making different opinions than you. Geez dude. You Toni's grandson or something? Chill .
Jacob Arnold May 01, 2012 at 01:18 AM
All i was saying was everyone on here is taking this very personal its a dumb vote combined with a point system created by this site that doesn't matter the shop I voted for lost but I am not going to make personal attacks against the winners. Yes you are right I jumped to conclusions, I just was shocked at the things said on here. Can we agree that winning or losing this doesn't make a difference every readers choice nominee on here deserves recognition for giving Renton a choice in the services they want floral, food, daycare, and so on. I just don't think this should turn into personal attacks on any nominee.
Bill Gaw May 01, 2012 at 11:05 PM
As the owner of Cugini Florists & Fine Gifts, it's nice to see the support. Keep in mind, as Patch says, this isn't a scientific poll. Have fun with it! I applaud Toni and Roxanne for coming back. I missed them too. Toni was the owner of the original Renton Flower Shop. Now I like to think of her and Roxanne as the owners of the "other" Renton flower shop. They have their strong points, we have ours. This isn't the "old West"...there's plenty of room for both of us in this town!


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