Sammamish Chamber Launches New Online Marketplace for Local Businesses

Sammamish has over 3,500 licensed small businesses in a city of over 47,000 local residents, and the local Chamber is hoping the "Online Marketplace" will connect more residents to local businesses.

The Sammamish Chamber of Commerce announced on Friday that it had launched a new online marketplace and an enhanced newsletter to connect locally-conscious consumers with businesses in the community.

The Sammamish Chamber Online Marketplace is a "first-of-a-kind initiative" for small businesses that will support Sammamish Small Businesses Online, according to Chaitra Vedullapalli, a website consultant with Meylah.com, which hosts the site. The Chamber launched the website as part of an overall online networking effort called "Pledge Local", which hopes to keep subscribers to it's newsletter informed about new businesses and special deals available from Sammamish retailers.

Deb Sogge, Executive Director of Sammamish Chamber articulated the local impact in simple way.

“We know Sammamish has over over 3500 small business licenses and 47,000-plus local residents," she said. "If we collaboratively work together and invest 20 dollars/month to support local, we can create 100-plus new jobs. I believe Sammamish community is ready for creating a thriving local economy. We are really excited to launch this program.”


According to the Chamber, each dollar spent at a locally owned, independent businesses creates far greater community wealth, and Sogge said there is an increasing need to provide offline and online exposure for local businesses to attract local consumers and fuel the local economy. They are working with residents and local businesses to build a vibrant local economy, rooted in local ownership, strong community and a healthy environment. 

"It is not Walmart that is killing our business, it is the online shopping experience that is missing for small businesses that is killing our business," said a local small business owner. "I am really excited that Sammamish will have one online shopping portal for local consumers to explore, engage and transact with small business. Thank you for giving us the same power as Amazon and eBay."

The "pledge" will sign up those interested in supporting the local economy of Sammamish to information about local business on a regular basis.

Local small business are also encouraged to apply and join the Sammamish Marketplace, and those interested in the "shop local" program can also directly refer businesses to Sammamish Marketplace to get started (Sammamish-Issaquah Patch maintains an extensive directory of local businesses, found here).

For more information, send an email to info@sammamishchamber.org


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