Don’t like banking hassles and overdraft fees? There’s a new checkless account in town

A recent KeyBank survey found that consumers don’t like fees and, in general, lack confidence in their ability to achieve their financial goals.

The outcome? A new account without a monthly fee for banking customers who want straightforward ways to make deposits, track money, obtain cash and make payments without worrying about overdrafts or other unexpected fees.

No overdraft fees. No hassles. What’s not to like?

Key’s survey showed that banking customers are sure of their financial goals, but aren’t certain they know how to get there. For example, 70 percent of those surveyed aspire to have the financial resources to live the way they want, now and in the future, but only 18 percent are confident that they can accomplish that goal.

Bridging the confidence gap – that’s what this new account is about.

KeyBank’s new Hassle-Free Account enables customers to spend less time navigating account requirements and more time talking with an advisor about how to achieve financial goals. With the new simple tool for making deposits, managing cash and credit, and paying bills, they can spend more time looking at their financial big picture, and, for example, planning for milestone life events like buying a home or retiring.

The Hassle-Free Account has no monthly fee or minimum balance requirement and no overdraft fees or bounced checks. In fact, the account does not allow writing paper checks at all.  Instead, it provides unlimited access to free digital banking including online and mobile banking and bill payment.

Sound interesting? Please drop by the branch and find out how this straightforward new checkless account could work for you.

Holly West manages the Issaquah North Key Center. She can be reached at 425-313-3606  or holly_k_west@keybank.com.


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