Sometimes Your Vote Doesn't Count

If you are in a solid red state, or blue state...why bother voting for President if you're voting the opposite way your state votes?

We're talking the electoral college here, folks. In my humble opinion, its an outdated and unfair system. The founding fathers established the electoral college in the Constitution as a compromise between election of the President by a vote in Congress and election of the President by a popular vote of citizens.  So, for example, if you live in the state of Texas or you live in the state of California, well....if you don't follow the masses in your state your vote is lost. It is a frustrating feeling as a voter, that your vote simply put doesn't count.

I feel strongly that the popular vote should elect the President. I'm almost surprised the thought of changing the way we elect or president didn't gain traction after the 2004 election where Gore defeated Bush in the popular vote, but lost the race because of the electoral college. It doesn't seem fair that the will of the people is simply ignored due to the electoral college. It could happen again, potentially on Tuesday. Again, if you live in a state where you vote against the color described on the map representing your state, your vote is useless. Its a maddening process in my opinion, one that needs to change.

I do think it would encourage voter turnout if everyone's vote truly counted for the highest office in this country. I've never been one to be a "one bubble filler", meaning I don't just vote for the President, I typically fill my ballot out in full. I do have the tendency not to vote in uncontested races though, which I know is not good habit. So, it isn't that my entire ballot is a waste, but sometimes (depending on the state I'm residing in) my vote for President of the United States is wasted. So I'm interested to see what others think of the electoral college and if this system developed long, long ago should go by the wayside and yield to the popular vote in electing our President.

What say you?

Post Script: I should mention that I do still vote for President...regardless of how the electorates vote in my state. I encourage everyone to cast their vote for their candidate, regardless of the stystem. Maybe someday it will change.

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