Great Escape, Moms' Edition: Escape to Olympus Spa

This relaxing, affordable women's only spa in Lynnwood is the perfect remedy to the stresses of a "snow week."

Last weekend, just as the snow was beginning to fly, I took a day trip with some friends to Olympus Spa in Lynnwood. I had heard about how great it was, but I didn't really believe it, or it was hard to justify a day at the spa--whatever kept me from going before, after trying it out, I'd have to agree it's a great escape.

After this week, with its harrowing streets and no school all week; no power for many of us for at least a day and night, I'd say a trip to the spa might be great for every 'Teau Momma.

Starting at a price of $35 for use of the spa facilities, including four varying temperature hot tubs, steam room, and a wide variety of saunas and heated rooms with different properties (such as mud and jade to promote circulation), Olympus Spa is far from an expensive escape. Since it is so reasonable, many of the visitors also indulge in one of the spa's extra services, such as manicures, pedicures, facials, massages, body scrub, or body wraps (I had a body wrap, it was very relaxing).

The facility also has a Korean restaurant, which gets pretty busy around lunchtime on weekends, and a tea room.

The only thing that you should be aware of is that no swimsuits are permitted in the hot tub area, so you'll be in your natural glory with your fellow spa-goers, but that's precisely why it's a women-only spa. In the other areas, you wear a robe provided by the spa.

So for those of us who have been getting a little stir-crazy, or just need to warm up and relax, think about escaping for a spa day--as soon as the roads are safe!


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