Sammamish Aquifer Protection

Albuquerque, New Mexico, has an estimated 24 Million gallon jet fuel spill into their aquifer from an underground jet fuel system at Kirtland Air Force Base. The Air Force claims to have discovered the leak in 1999, though documents imply it may have known as early as 1994. In any case, the fuel is still in the ground, working its way to the municipal wells, and the AF and state and national Ecology have slowly talked, and done little to solve the problem. Ecology Departments are not reliable overseers of the public interests in many cases, often due to insufficient funding, but no matter the reason, I would be loathe to depend on Ecology to protect our aquifer. Why would Sammamish Water District offer to go in on storm water treatment if they did not see a significant problem? The District appears to have the conservative approach. The vadose zone may filter contaminates, but do those contaminates magically remove themselves from the soil? Recharging the aquifer is a good idea. Recharging and polluting the aquifer seems a bad idea.


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