Bears Test CleanScapes' Containers

This year's Woodland Park Zoo's Bear Affair, once again validated the efficacy of CleanScapes' wildlife-resistant trash containers. With a setup as described in the Issaquah Press' description of last year's event, this year proved no different, and after an hour of pummeling by a pair of grizzly bears, the container refuse to yield its booty. Of course, our area does not have grizzly bears, but has the much smaller black bear. In any case, these containers save the lives of our wildlife. Please use them if available to you!

Western Wildlife Outreach (http://westernwildlife.org/) shared some photos with us. 

The Issaquah Press article is here: http://www.issaquahpress.com/2012/06/26/hauler-to-offer-bear-resistant-trash-cans/


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