Letter to the Editor: Are the Young and Old Priced Out of Sammamish?

Murray Lorance writes that his own family is weighing the benefits versus costs of staying in Sammamish.

Dear Editor,

From the City of Sammamish, under images, this graph hints at a sad story.

Young adults flee the area – too expensive?  Seniors mostly sell out and move away – too pricy to stay?

Our family has been on the property since the early 1940’s, but now individually are weighing whether we can finish our lives in the area we love, or must we sell and withdraw!?!

Murray Lorance

Marjorie Pacholec November 02, 2012 at 10:35 PM
Florida has a law called "The Homestead Act. This act protects families (especially the elderly) from being taxed out of their homes. In Sammamish there are no protection for families that have had properties in their family for generations. Lakefront properties are especially at risk. We moved to Sammamish 15 years ago because of the beauty of the area. Now Sammamish is becoming like California. They tax families out of their homes, the buyer then resells it to a developer. The developer then goes in and demolishes everything in sight, old growth trees, the beauty of nature they don't care. As long as they can cram in 15 homes per acre and charge over $500,000and leave no privacy who cares? Oh they replanted with a small tree so it doesn't matter. Sammamish needs to find a way to protect families from losing their homes due to taxes and stop developers from turning our City from something beautiful to a place of ugliness.


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