Letter To The Editor: Build Around Renton's Mature Trees

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In looking at the plans for the Rainier Ave Project I don’t see pull offs for busses to load/unload passengers. This is one of the main problems for traffic problems along Rainier Ave and just about every bus stop in Renton. Bus loading/unloading pull offs should be part of every street project. This only makes sense when the streets are all torn up anyway. 

I also hope that the City of Renton will be putting in more mature trees than the . 

The slash and burn policy by the City of Renton, when it comes to recent mature tree removal on Rainier Ave and Wells, is shocking….especially when Renton was given a Green City Award in the not too distant past.   

I would hope that more mature trees will be used to replace all the mature trees that have been removed along Rainier Avenue. It will take years for the tiny trees planted on and around Wells to regain the beauty and cover of the removed trees.  

It is unfortunate that planned projects cannot include working with and around mature trees/landscaping.  I.E. the plans for the sidewalks on Wells should have incorporated the mature trees and offending tree roots by allowing for extra space when laying the new sidewalks. 

The tree replacement in downtown Renton over the past several years has not been well thought out. When we moved here ten years ago we were impressed by all of the trees in and around downtown Renton.  Now the downtown area/Rainier Ave is looking bleak and will be looking bleak for a long time to come. Trees don’t grow real fast which is why we have to build and plan around them whenever possible.  

P.S.  The City needs to remind businesses that put in tree planters to water them and to put them in places that get rain.  An example of this are the two magnificent cedar trees, which are now very dead, that are on Main Ave S at the vacant Stix and Stones Restaurant.  The City Council and Mayor need to take a walk around the downtown area.  Some businesses are not keeping up their areas.


Phyllis Forester


Ryb Katz June 05, 2012 at 03:16 PM
Thanks, Phyllis, for your comments on the mature trees. I am in total agreement. I was disappointed this past week while on a drive down 148th (Nile) in the Highlands to see a new residential construction project between Sunset and 4th wherein all the land was totally cleared of timber. This old-growth area was filled with bird life, including some red-tailed hawks I've seen there several times. And, it was cleared during spring nesting for most bird species. Very disappointing that at least some of these old trees could not have been left and built around.
Phyllis Forister June 06, 2012 at 04:52 AM
Ryb, to hear about yet another slash and burn project that has been allowed to happen by our City officials is very disappointing. City officials keep saying they want to make Renton, particularly downtown Renton, prettier but they sure don't show it by their actions. The "engineers/planners" hired for "creating projects/residential construction" should be smart enough to create plans with a minimal removal of existing trees. They would do so if they were directed to do so.....but they aren't.


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