Letter to the Editor: My Husband, Mark Mullet, Has Never Given Anyone Reason to Doubt His Word

Sabath Mullet writes that she believes her husband's track record shows he is the superior candidate for the 5th District Senate seat.

Dear Editor,

Question: What do these quotes have in common? 

  1. “[Attn. Honorable Judge Nault] …the specific identity of the defendant is unclear…I, to the best of my understanding, have never known or come into contact with the plaintiff, but share a name with the defendant…”
  2. “A graduate of Seattle Pacific University”;  “…holds an executive degree in finance from the University of Washington.”
  3. “I will not impugn the character of other candidates…I will publicly disavow ads from other sources that impugn the integrity of a candidate for office.”

Answer: They all belong to Brad Toft, are all publicly documented, and are all verifiable fabrications.  He is the defendant in question, he has no degree of any kind, and have you seen the attack ads about my husband, Mark Mullet?

Toft’s Response:

To #1: “I wasn’t saying it wasn’t me.”

To #2: “On our website I stated I had a ‘Program Degree’ for the UW” (Untrue)

To #3:  He hasn’t disavowed a single attack ad and impugns Mark’s character regularly.

The Tofts implore you not to believe what you hear about Brad’s sordid past.  So are the reams of court and jail records lying?  They insist his past is irrelevant.  The above fabrications were all made in the last six months – is his present irrelevant too? 

According to Toft: Mark secretly promised “party bosses” he’d help raise taxes; Mark conspired with Governor Gregoire to rig the election; Mark paid for illegal polling.  Gosh, that all sounds really damning.  Any minute now, we’ll be provided with documents, receipts, or affidavits to prove these claims…  Oh no, wait – Toft just wants us to take his word for it.

Past actions are the best indicator of future behavior.  If a person has an astonishingly dodgy track record already, how do you think they’ll behave in office? 

My husband has a past and present of which he can be exceedingly proud.  His academic, professional, and civil records are spotless.  Mark is – and always has been - forthcoming, hard working, and honorable. That’s why his endorsement list is comprised of individuals of all stripes, who work and/or speak with him regularly.  

Most importantly, Mark Mullet has never given anyone reason to doubt his word.

Sabath Mullet

Editor's note: Sabath Mullet sent the attached PDF files to support her assertions in this letter.

Jeanne Gustafson October 25, 2012 at 09:06 PM
A note of clarification for Patch users, who may be confused: Terry LaBrue is a communications consultant in Issaquah, who has been working on communications for Brad Toft's campaign and for other local candidates as well, including Chad Magendanz. He's also a Precinct Committee Officer in the 5th District Republicans' Klahanie/Lakes area.
Kate Coffman October 25, 2012 at 10:07 PM
Terry, You are linking Mark Mullet to a bribery scandal with no proof. As a communications expert you should understand the definitions of libel and slander. Tread carefully. And your comment that good judgment is in short supply at the Mullet' household is disappointing. Stick to issues, stick to facts, provide proof. If you want people to vote for your candidate give them solid evidence as to why they should--as the Mullet campaign has done.
SHIC October 25, 2012 at 10:59 PM
Terry, you're like an irate monkey flinging feces in the desperate hope it'll stick to something. First and foremost, that which can be asserted without proof can be denied without proof. I thought we were done with this whole "why won't you dignify my baseless accusations with a denial?!" nonsense when they took Glenn Beck and his tinfoil hat off the air; sad to see it having a resurgence in local politics. Toft's ostensible point in all this conspiracy theorizing is that Mullet conspired to create a race in which he'd face a laughably beatable candidate--Toft. Man, if I were him I'd be so insulted by what I've been implying about my fitness for office. If your man's got something substantial to run on, have him run on it. If not, wash that monkey feces off your hands and do something constructive with your time like brushing up on the rules of English-language capitalization or taking some classes on the basics of international finance.
Maria Gonzalez October 26, 2012 at 04:34 AM
Terry, As a party member who focuses on Rules, it is disheartening that you dismiss a candidate's wife's comments as well as focus on targeting bribery without any proof. I was in support of your candidate until I read your retort and then looked into the allegations. Rather than focus on speculation your role should be on focusing on the your candidates strengths.
David Kirkpatrick October 28, 2012 at 02:07 PM
Sabbath, If your husband is indeed as honest as you describe him as, then it looks as though he may be very blind to the coincidences that are unfolding around him. I encourage you to take a look at this article in the Seattle Times: http://seattletimes.com/html/politics/2019535027_tom5th27m.html Senator Rodney Tom (D) suggests that he is suspicious of how the whole scenario played out. On May 10 Pflug told Rodney Tom that he should "enjoy working with Mark Mullet." This happened 11 days before Pflug's Job was announced. Pflug said she only found out about the appointment a half hour before, on May 21st. So if she did not know about her appointment on the 10th, was she planning on losing her Senate race to Mullet and that is why Senator Tom would enjoy working with him? It seems a little suspicious to me that Pflug would suggest Mark Mullet would be elected when she was still planning to run against him and had no idea that she would receive the appointment.


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