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It is Small Business Saturday, November 24th

Here is a brief outline as to why it is important to shop local and keep our money in the community.

It has been two years since I opened the doors to Creative Mom Toys located in The Landing in Renton. During the time of opening, our economy had hit a bust and we were in the throes of a recession. We had just finished the build out of the store and needless to say, went a bit over budget. When opening day arrived, we opened, but without a lot of merchandise – but we were opened.

Little by little, deliveries began to arrive, the community became aware of an actual toy store in Renton and people ventured out to come and see for themselves. As our community came to visit, we learned more about the community we were serving and how dynamic of a place Renton truly is.

As a resident of Renton, business owner and community partner, I have come to fully understand why it is imperative that we keep the money we spend local.   In some instances, this is harder than most – but it does mean that we can make choices in our spending.

It has been our purpose at Creative Mom Toys to give back to our community via the schools and the auctions each school in the greater Renton area utilizes in raising monies. It is also crucial that the staffs hired at Creative Momo Toys are local Renton residents who often times, shop local as well and provide positive spirals within our community.

Our habits of shopping have turned toward the likes of the internet craze;  Amazon, Flash sites and the many “groupon” deals that grace our inboxes every day. Unfortunately, our local brick and mortar stores are unable to compete on this level of “finding the cheapest” product. Rather, what shopping locally means; a family and/or independent run business’ that pay taxes on all levels, cares about the products that are being sold from their shelves as well as having quality of service and customer satisfaction.  

Cheap does not always equate to the best. Shopping locally, this is what we strive for…The Best!

—Cheri Saburi, owner, Creative Mom Toys

Alan Brittenham November 23, 2012 at 04:31 PM
I do support local businesses whenever I can, but wonder if there was a way for local small business to take advantage of the internet. For example, if the Landing had a website that had a search function for a specific item that would return a list of any or all stores in the Landing that had that item, it would save the customer's time and money. A reservation system could boost consumer confidence that the item would be in stock. In other words, work the internet to bring in local customers that might otherwise order online(gee, what if the Landing had a centralized shipping operation to help their vendors/tenants with online sales?). The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. :-{)}
Jenny Manning November 23, 2012 at 04:49 PM
That's a really creative idea, Alan!


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