Crime Blotter Launched by King County Sheriff's Office

The blotter will include news and photos on major cases the sheriff's office handles, as well as smaller cases of interest to specific communities in its jurisdiction.

The King County Sheriff’s Office has launched an online crime blotter that will include photos and press releases on recent major cases and events, along with information on lesser cases from its jurisdiction.

The King County Sheriff’s Blotter, similar to the popular SPD Blotter operated by the Seattle Police Department, will be maintained by the office’s affable spokeswoman, Sgt. Cindi West.

She said the blotter is an effort to broaden the agency’s outreach with the communities it serves, as well as to provide news to the media. The plan is to include photos and video when possible.

The King County Sheriff’s Office patrols primarily unincorporated areas of the county, but also contracts with several smaller cities to provide police services. It also supports other jurisdictions in major crime investigations, and maintains two helicopters, a Marine Unit, an Explosives Response team and a Cold Case team, as well as coordinating search and rescue operations across King County.

The King County Sheriff’s Blotter has two categories, news and cold cases. Find the blotter here: http://kingcountysheriff.wordpress.com/.


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