Eastside Fire & Rescue Warns of Continued Fire Danger

Despite expected showers Monday and Tuesday, continuing fire danger throughout the state has firefighters mobilizing and urging continued caution.

As of Sunday, Sept. 9, state fire assistance has been mobilized under the Washington State Fire Services Resource Mobilization Plan in support of local firefighters working near Wenatchee, Odessa, and Coulee Dam. Last week, King County that's been in effect much of the summer.

Hot, dry weather conditions through through the weekend continued to create a potentially dangerous fire situation for the communities Eastside Fire & Rescue serves, as well.  Unfortunately, the extended dry weather conditions and lack of precipitation means we risk a potential for increased brush or urban wildfires, the agency said in a press release.  During a recent fire in the North Bend area, for example, firefighters were not only concerned about the structure fire, but the potential for spread into the forested and surrounding brush.

Seven out of every ten fires are human caused.  Every year, Eastside Fire & Rescue receives an increase in brush fires caused by careless smokers, unattended burns, illegal fireworks discharge, and children playing with lighters or matches. 

Fire Officials ask that you take a few precautions through these dry weather conditions.  Help protect your home against the dangers of brush or urban wildfires by building a defensible space around your home and reporting any suspicious behavior in your neighborhood. Talk with your children about the fire danger and how they can help their community stay safe. For more information on what you can do to protect your home against brush or urban wildfires, log on to:  www.firewise.org .                                        

Several fire departments and recreational parks have imposed burn bans or moratoriums limiting outdoor burning. Be sure to check for burn regulations in your area. 

--Information from Eastside Fire & Rescue and staff reports



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