Fish and Wildlife Police Seek Tips on Bald Eagle Slaughter at Granite Falls

A $3,750 reward is offered for tips that lead to the arrest and conviction of an unknown subject who shot and killed at least three bald eagles around Jan. 9 near Granite Falls.

A reward is being offered for tips leading to the conviction of the person or persons who illegally killed at least three American bald eagles near Granite Falls last week.

On Jan. 9, four dead eagles were discovered floating in a lake outside of Granite Falls  in Snohomish County. The four eagles were retrieved by officers on Jan. 10. Initial observations suggests at least three of the birds were killed using a small caliber rifle. It appears that the birds had been perched in trees before they fell to their death into the water.

Bald eagles are protected under state and federal law. The federal violation for killing an eagle is a Class A misdemeanor. It is also a state crime with a maximum penalty of $1,000 and 90 days in jail. Also, under state law, $2000 per eagle killed is assessed upon conviction.

WDFW, Humane Society of the United States and Conservation Northwest have collaborated to offer up to $3,750 cash reward. In order to qualify for the total amount, the information must lead to an arrest and conviction. Anyone with information related to this egregious act is encouraged to call the Fish and Wildife Police on our TIP line at 1.877.933.9847 or email us at reportpoaching@dfw.wa.gov. Information will be treated confidentially.

--Information from the Department of Fish and Wildlife

Whitney Houston January 17, 2013 at 09:16 PM
WOW, People are truly disgusting. The person or people who shot these helpless, majestic birds... Need serious mental help. Sick b*stards.
Priya Sinha January 18, 2013 at 02:43 PM
RIGHT ON POINT, WHITNEY! Life in prison for the culprits.
Naomi Rhoda January 20, 2013 at 05:19 PM
I am all for lining up people who kill for fun, pouchers and child molesters to be lined up and shot. Get them out of society in general because they will continue to do this. I believe this may be the same person who arrowed an eagle in Lake Stevens. Just shoot em.


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