Report: Injured Bellevue Man Might Have Fallen or Was Beaten By a Friend

JD Aylward, the young Bellevue man who suffered severe head injuries, might have been beaten by a friend or might sustained his injuries in a fall, according to a report by MyNorthwest.com

JD Aylward, the young Bellevue man who was found lying in a street with severe head injuries, might have been beaten by a friend or might have fallen, according to a report by MyNorthwest.com.

Aylward, who played running back, defensive back and quarterback for Sammamish High School and played for a year at Boise State, is recovering from the severe head injuries that he suffered, and believes that he will get back to normal.

Aylward, 24, was found critically injured lying in the roadway in the 1200 block of 140th Avenue Northeast in Bellevue in September. A family friend told reporters at the time that he had spent the previous day at a friend's wedding and then went to Munchbar, the downtown club that recently closed after a fatal shooting.

Aylward's skull was removed to allow his brain to heal, and doctors plan to replace it with a synthetic one, according to MyNorthwest.com.

Aylward told MyNorthwest that he doesn't remember the beating. MyNorthwest reporter Linda Thomas, citing an inside source at the Bellevue Police Department, said that the department's two theories are that Aylward might have sustained his injuries in a fall, or might have been beaten by one of his friends. 


MyNorthwest.comPolice theory on severe beating of popular, young Bellevue man

Tony Dondero February 27, 2013 at 03:40 AM
A theory is not evidence.
RobertinSeattle February 27, 2013 at 10:12 PM
The whole theory about being "beaten by one of his friends" is doublespeak and only points towards the possibility it may have been someone he ran into or possibly even had a confrontation with at MunchBar. Somehow I don't think it's too much of a stretch to suspect that perhaps he may have been followed by someone from MunchBar, given their recent history and closing. Wonder if they had security video available from that night just to see who JD may have had interactions with over the course of the evening and just before he left. That would certainly be where I'd be looking if I was investigating the case.
mike March 03, 2013 at 06:21 AM
There is NO was JD was "beaten by one of his friends". That is the most absurdly preposterous thing I have ever hear. For one thing, by doing something like this, how in the world could you classify that person as a "friend"? Secondly, as one of JD's friends, I can tell you without a doubt that he doesn't surround himself with people this monstrous.


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