Sammamish Police Blotter: Thieves Caught Prowling Redmond Officer's Car

The following information is compiled from Sammamish Police reports for June 5 - June 30. Where an arrest is noted, it does not indicate a conviction.

Police recovered a 1999 Jeep Cherokee after the people driving the vehicle were caught breaking into an off-duty Redmond Police Officer’s car.

Sammamish police were called to a vehicle prowl in progress by an off-duty Redmond Police offer on Saturday, June 30. A man was standing next to the Jeep carrying a gym bag with the Redmond PD logo on it, and he had a large screwdriver in his pocket. Police discovered the Jeep was registered to a Bellevue owner and had been reported stolen, after a 29-year-old man and 31-year-old woman from Seattle were stopped for suspected vehicle prowling while driving the stolen vehicle.

The man claimed that he had stopped to help a woman in a parking lot. The men also were suspected of stealing items from the Sammamish Ace hardware, several of which were still in the vehicle. One of the men complained of feeling dizzy and nauseous while sitting in the officer’s patrol car, and eventually admitted to aid workers that he had swallowed a bag of meth. 

Tuesday, June 5

Burglary: Police arrested a suspect in connection to a burglary of 19000 in jewelry and other items on the 5100 block of 189th Avenue NE. Two other burglaries occurred sometime during the same day, and at both scenes the suspect left behind a unique footprint. Detectives photographed the muddy shoe print, where the suspect had attempted to kick the door in.

Mailbox bombing: A mailbox at the 22100 block of SE 20th Street was bombed, likely with an m250, on a street with no streetlights.

Monday, June 11

Bicycle found: a resident living in the 12000 block of 216th Ave NE reported seeing a red Schwinn ranger bicycle stashed in the brush. The Bike was so new it still hasd the rubber stubs along the edge of the tires and a purchase SU sticker on the neck. There was no report of the bike being stolen, so the person who found it filled out a property rights form to claim it.

Sunday, June 17

Soliciting: Residents reported to police that solicitors were selling books door to door, claiming to be from the Seventh Day Adventist Church. Police advised them of the solicitor law in Sammamish, and discovered that one of the solicitors had previously reported the vehicle they were driving as stolen.

Thursday, June 21

Burglary: A resident of the 21800 block of NE 30th place reported to police that his back yard shed had been burglarized, and a number of lawncare equipment stolen, worth about 330.

Tuesday, June 26

Burglary at Margaret Mead Elementary: Sammamish Police arrested a 23-year old Sammamish man after being called to a burglary in progress at the Margaret mead elementary school. The alarm company had audio from inside the school and told police they could hear someone moving around inside the school at about 11:30 p.m. A K-9 unit was brought out in addition to the deputies to search for a point of entry, and police soon saw the suspected burglar inside the school. Soon after, they heard a door close and saw a man walking away from the school carrying a flashlight. He said that he was a school employee. Police found in his possecssison cash, a cell phone, three sets of keys, and an id card with another person’s name on it. He later claimed that he was not a burglar, but a school volunteer, then claimed he is homeless and was looking for a place to sleep. He also had a warrants out for his arrest both in king county and the city of Sammamish.

Saturday, June 30

Credit card fraud: A woman reported reported to police that a check was written to another woman for the amount of $18,500 on June 26 and the fund were removed from her account. She said Bank of America advised her to contact police, and she had had problems with fraud in the past, but they were many smaller transactions in the past event. Police suspect the suspect makes checks with the victim’s savings account and writes checks to an unknown woman.

Vandalism: a Sammamish resident on the 20500 block of NE 34th Place reported that someone had vandalized a mailbox with a racial slur, as well as other language that would indicate it was possibly a juvenile.


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