Trio Of Renton Officers Disciplined For Sending Raunchy, Racist Emails

Patch first requested these records on June 19. The City of Renton finally released them after multiple extensions.

The Renton Police Department conducted an investigation into a series of emails sent between Deputy Chief Tim Troxel, Sergeant Todd Frazier and Sergeant Paul Summers after a letter was sent to the city alleging officer misconduct.

Patch caught wind of this story and first requested these records on June 19. The City of Renton finally released them after multiple extensions at 4:53 p.m. Tuesday, August 28.

Following the investigation Frazier was disciplined with a 12-hour suspension, loss of current assignment (reassigned to patrol operations) and the successful completion of a performance action plan as developed by his commander.

In June 2012, Frazier signed an 'expedited process' form to waive his right to appeal the findings. 

Patch reported that . The records received by Patch do not name the diciplinary action he will receive, although the Renton Reporter has reported that Troxel will retire effective this Friday.

Patch will continue to cull these records. Check back for more on this developing story. 

In the meantime, we'd like to ask about your experiences with requesting public records from the City of Renton. Have you been able to get what you ask for in a reasonable and timely manner? Please tell us of your experiences in the comment section, below.

Phyllis Forister August 29, 2012 at 07:45 PM
So much for Renton City Government transparency. The extreme blackout of information only verifies that the “disciplined” police officers deserved to be fired a long time ago. In Troxell’s case he will be given the opportunity of retirement. How benevolent. This blacked out document also shows the need for an in-depth investigation of the management of our Renton Police Department and the lack of City Administration oversight of such. Jenny, thank you for being an excellent reporter. Your persistence for government transparency is commended.
Robert Ten August 29, 2012 at 08:51 PM
Internally to the department, the upsetting issue is when department members who plainly deserve termination or other discipline are let off the hook. Other department members, maybe those that have kept their head under the radar for years and quietly did their jobs, get hammered for little things, like losing a flashlight after a foot chase, or having a ding on their patrol car. I had hoped that after the media finally gave RPD attention, that fairness would have to happen, but that just isn't happening. Deputy Chief Troxel will maintain his police commission, his retirement, and even have a letter of recommendation from the City for his next job. He certainly is entitled to work where ever he can be hired, but if he stays in law enforcement, Chief Milosevich just did the entire law enforcement community a disservice. For the public's information, department members have been literally ordered, both verbally and in writing, to not comment or even speak negatively about the City of Renton or department. These orders strongly imply we should not speak or comment AT ALL, even on our own Facebook page. I don't speak for the City of Renton, but I believe I speak for the majority of RPD members when I say this department has a serious problem that has seeped into every level of leadership. I understand I am violating policy by speaking but I also believe that what RPD is doing, is morally and ethically wrong.
M R J August 30, 2012 at 03:55 AM
Isn't it shocking that people at high levels do not understand that their behavior is unacceptable? I work at a global company & I would never send any thing like this.
M R J August 30, 2012 at 03:57 AM
BTW I hate gossip but I loved reading that these assh**les got theirs.
Jeremy Schwartz August 30, 2012 at 05:41 AM
The City of Renton gave my records today in this case, including the taped interviews. The interviews can be downloaded from the Public Records page on www.fuddlesticks.com. I've listened to some of the Sgt Frazier interview and am quite disappointed in this entire affair. Frazier takes blame and responsibility for his emails, but he doesn't have a choice anyway. He typed them with his own hands and sent them. He apologizes for slandering his co-workers but I doubt anyone can be receptive to his apologies as he is only saying he is sorry because he got caught due to a public records request. I find it quite sad that a professional police department can be so dysfunctional yet be so arrogant in the protection of public records (as in, not releasing them as required by law). I have not heard a single apology from the Chief or the Mayor but am seeing many others take the fall for cartoons or email comments. The Chief of Police or Mayor must not realize that the leadership sets the tone for employees and as leaders, must take responsibility for the acts committed by their employees as the leaders have failed just as much as any employee. Not to see anyone lose their job in this economy, but something should be done to clean this police agency before something really really awful happens. Otherwise, every citizen that is aware of these problems are just as much to blame, should they choose to ignore it


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