Allegations of Dirty Politics Spring up in the 5th District

North Bend Democrat David Spring endorses Republican Brad Toft, decrying what he calls bribery and corruption in the 5th District Senate race; the Toft campaign claims push poll; Associated Press calls attention to Toft's education.

There have been a lot of accusations flying in 5th District politics this week, and another aisle-changing endorsement, as candidates vie for independent voters who they say are fed up with both parties.

Here's a rundown with links to the info here on Patch:

David Spring endorses Brad Toft for 5th District Senate

Democrat and candidate for the 5th District House Representative Pos. 2 David Spring endorsed Republican Senate candidate Brad Toft, sending out a press release accusing Democratic Gov. Chris Gregoire of bribing former 5th District Senator Cheryl Pflug to abandon her bid for reelection just after the filing deadline. You can read his press release detailing his charges on his website here.


Brad Toft Claims Mark Mullet Orchestrated 5th District Push Poll

Toft's campaign sent an email to supporters late last week including an audio tape of a robo-call made to some voters in the 5th District, which appears to lead people to the conclusion that Toft is disreputable and asking them whether knowing this information they would vote for him.


AP Takes Toft to Task Over Education Credentials

 Toft is facing more scrutiny this week, as the Associated Press investigates his published educational credentials, asserting that Toft had represented himself on his website as a graduate of Seattle Pacific University, though "Seattle Pacific University says Toft attended but did not graduate. His University of Washington "degree" was actually a certificate he received for completing a three-day seminar on finance in 2005, and Toft's name does not appear in the university's degree verification database." You can read the AP story here.


Tell us, do you think this year's 5th District Senate Race is especially heated, or is this politics as usual. Do you trust either party?

Pieter Hart October 15, 2012 at 12:56 PM
Mullet is a corrupt politician who will say anything to get elected.
Terry J. LaBrue October 16, 2012 at 08:39 PM
As much as we like our candidates to stick to the issues, there are always extenuating circumstances that creep into an election of this importance. Whomever wins the 5th Leg. Dist. Senate seat will likely control the balance of power. That's why things have become more heated than usual. And, that's why we're receiving a lot more political mail. Be careful and be forewarned. The endorsement by Democrat David Spring last week of Republican Brad Toft is a game-changer. Spring is on steady ground by outlining the Gregoire/Pflug/Mullet plan to bribe plan with an accompanying timeline. The research and narrative is compelling since it's outlined over 18 pages of evidence. One thing people learn there is no such coincidence in Washington politics of this magnitude.


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