Citizens for Sammamish to Discuss Community Center Tonight

Do you think the community center is a good value for Sammamish?

Citizens For Sammamish at 7 p.m. at for a discussion of the long-proposed Sammamish Community Center.

The YMCA (both a Staff and Board member) will discuss the Community Center and answer questions you may have, the group said in a press release.

The city of Sammamish has submitted a Memorandum of Understanding with the YMCA, which would operate the new center, to King County Elections for an advisory vote in the November election. At this time, the estimated construction cost of the proposed center is approximately $32.4 million, which includes a $2.8 million project contingency.

Under the agreement, the YMCA would contribute $5 million towards the capital costs of the facility and the city will contribute $25 million, including approximately $6 million from the parks CIP and the balance from the City’s reserve fund. According to the city, no additional taxes are needed to support the construction or operations of this facility.

Here is the proposed Memorandum of Understanding laid out by the city:

This Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) is made and entered into by and between the City of Sammamish (“City”) and the YMCA of Greater Seattle, a 501 (c) 3 Charitable Organization (“Y”), each of which is referred to individually as a “Party” or collectively as the “Parties.”


This MOU is intended to identify the basic elements for a partnership between the Parties to design, build, and operate a multi-purpose community and aquatic center in the City of Sammamish.

In designing the facility, it is the intent of the Parties to combine the City’s community engagement process with the Y’s knowledge and experience in operating community facilities to develop a community and aquatic center that meets the particular needs of Sammamish residents. Now, therefore, in consideration of the covenants, assurances and mutual promises set forth herein, the parties agree as follows:

City Commitments

  1. The City will be responsible for the design and site work for the community and aquatic center and then construct the facility.

  2. The facility will be located on City-owned property near the Sammamish branch of the King County library and Sammamish City Hall (also known as the Kellman site).

  3. Although subject to change, following completion of the community engagement process, the current proposal would consist of an approximately 60,000 square foot multi-purpose community and aquatic center, which would include two gymnasiums, space for cardio and group fitness programs, a jogging track, child watch areas, a leisure pool, a lap pool, and locker rooms. The current proposal also envisions a number of multipurpose rooms to serve a variety of recreational uses and on-site parking for 300+ cars.

  4. The City anticipates spending approximately $25 Million for the project.

Y Commitments

  1. The Y will conduct a capital fundraising campaign to raise $5 Million for the capital construction costs. The Y will make percentage payments to the City on each construction draw request in compliance with City timing requirements until the balance is paid in full. In return, the Y will receive an equity position in the improvements that will depreciate on a 40 year schedule.

  2. The Y will provide furnishings and equipment with an estimated value of $500K.

  3. The Y will provide the cost of start-up at an estimated value of $300K.

  4. The Y will provide in-kind design and construction consulting to support the City design process.

  5. The Y will lease to the City their property consisting of approximately 7 acres located adjacent to the Pine Lake Middle School in Sammamish, for a term of 50 years at a lease rate of $1 per year. Said lease shall be conditioned upon the City completing a development plan for the site within 5 years from the date of execution of the lease. In the event that a plan is not developed, the lease will terminate and the land will revert to the Y. In addition, the City shall have the option to purchase the property at any time during the lease at fair market value.

Joint Commitments

1. The Parties shall draft a community and aquatic center management agreement by September 30, 2012. The agreement shall include, but not be limited to, the following items: a sample list of programs that will be available at the center; the hours of operation; the apportionment of facility and equipment maintenance responsibilities; identification of the benefits to be provided to Sammamish residents, including discounted facility- based program fees; the requirement of an annual report prepared by the Y and submitted to the City; a sample list of program and membership fees; reciprocity with other Y’s for Sammamish residents; provisions for indemnification and insurance coverage; a term of no less than 40-years; description of the Parties’ respective termination rights; and a description of how the Y will provide service to all residents regardless of their ability to pay. The Parties acknowledge that the management agreement will require approval by the Sammamish City Council and the Board of Directors of the YMCA of Greater Seattle.

2. The Parties will establish a center advisory board which shall be composed predominately of Sammamish residents.

3. The operations of the Center will be self-supporting and will not require an operating subsidy from the City.

An in-depth discussion of the Community Center will take place at the group's Oct. 1 meeting (7 PM) at the Sammamish Boys and Girls Club. Jim Osgood will moderate the October meeting and all sides of this issue will be represented.


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