Fifth District Democrat David Spring Endorses Brad Toft for Senate

House Representative Pos. 2 candidate David Spring this week decried what he calls bribery and dirty politics in the 5th District Senate race.

Democrat and candidate for the 5th District House Representative Pos. 2 David Spring endorsed Republican Senate candidate Brad Toft, sending out a press release accusing Democratic Gov. Chris Gregoire of bribing former 5th District Senator Cheryl Pflug to abandon her bid for reelection just after the filing deadline. You can read his press release detailing his charges on his website here.

Spring told Patch he didn't come to his decision lightly, and said it was the disdain his independent supporters have for both parties in light of the situation that forced him to take a stand.

"You don’t know how much this pains me. I wish there was some other way," Spring said, adding that he agrees with the Democrats on most issues and will "die a Democrat."

Pflug said the charges were ridiculous, adding that law school wasn't free and as a single parent she has long been working toward securing a higher paying position. Pflug dismissed Spring's claim that she accepted a $1 million bribe by accepting the position, noting that even after the six-year appointment, she won't have 20 years in state government that would qualify her for the retirement benefits Spring factors into his claim. Though she identifies as a moderate Republican, she said she had no qualms about bucking her party in supporting Referendum 74 or endorsing Democrat Mark Mullet for the seat.

"You have to represent your community by making an independent decision issue by issue," Pflug said.

"The bottom line is I applied for the job I needed thinking about how to finish my kids' education. (Detractors) are thinking of this as a gift, but I worked darn hard to be qualified for this position," she said.

Mullet's campaign said it's not concerned about the endorsement.

"David Spring is a perennial candidate that the voters have rejected time and again. When Mark decided to run for State Senate, he thought he was running against Cheryl Pflug," said John Wyble, a political consultant for the campaign.

Terry J. LaBrue October 15, 2012 at 11:41 PM
My offer of the used Pflug yardsign is still on the table. You and your extremely embarrassed restaurauteur candidate will be needing it to fend off the state ethics investigation that's surely coming. Stand up guy, you say? We'll see.
Randall October 15, 2012 at 11:57 PM
Wait, Terry J. LaBrue works for the Toft campaign? That's an interesting bit of information. He's been posting regularly, posing as a normal voter. More dishonesty revealed from the Toft camp, I guess! And with all these claims of collaboration, cooperation, and duplicity from Mullet, Pflug and Gregoire, why isn't there an ethics investigation? Or even a single shred of evidence? Just one bit of evidence, other than a flimsy coincidence?
G.Teller October 16, 2012 at 12:34 AM
Randall, great question! Notice how the PR Master didn't refute the Toft statement I provided? (How can he, after all?) I bet he'll come to his senses and use it, then run in the opposite direction from Toft as quickly as he can. It's wonderful to know that you, Terry LaBrue, are willing to destroy the McKenna campaign in the process of shoving Toft down the throats of the public. Wise! Your concocted threat of an ethics investigation is juvenile and entertaining. We cannot wait to see where you end up, once all of these threats you are making against good, hardworking people catch up with you, Toft, and your conspirators. Also, TL, I find it heartwarming that you cannot part with your Pflug sign. Clearly you have not forgotten her years of exemplary service, that is, before you turned on her like a rabid dog. No wonder you are so angry at Pflug! You blame HER when you should be blaming yourself and your super-intelligent republican party for supporting Toft! Oh wow...now it's perfectly clear. But how long can she, or anyone else, be your scapegoat? Your problem is you, LaBrue. You have an unelectable candidate and you know it. Whoever vetted Toft: Wow. Grow up, LaBrue. Take responsibility for your mistakes and the mistakes of your party.
G.Teller October 16, 2012 at 01:13 AM
Oh - and one more thing: Is an endorsement by Spring really a benefit to the Toft campaign? Why are we seeing that there is something fishy circulating about why Spring's last name used to be something else? Are there more skeletons lurking about?
Jeanne Gustafson October 25, 2012 at 06:50 PM
Charlie, I deleted your comment, as our Terms of Use do not allow links to paid political advertising in the comments. If you would like to pay for political advertising, please contact Erik.Hill@Patch.com, and you are welcome to write a letter to the editor, once you contact me by phone as I requested.


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