Republican Brad Toft Scores State Rep. Jay Rodne Endorsement

Toft is facing Issaquah Councilman Mark Mullet for the open 5th District State Senate seat this fall.

announced this week that he has received the endorsement of 5th House District Rep. Jay Rodne in his race for the 5th District Senate seat.  

Rodne, a Republican who is running unopposed in his reelection bid this November, represents nearly 80 percent of the newly drawn 5th District comprised of Eastern King County and includes the cities of Black Diamond, Isaquah, Maple Valley, North Bend, Renton and Snoqualmie.

"Brad has the business credentials needed to fight for Washington jobs," said Rodne in a press release issued by Toft's campaign. "He can be counted on to fight for taxpayers, create new jobs, and reform an education system that has been devastated with deep budget cuts."

"It's an honor to receive the support of Rep. Rodne," Toft said in the release. "Rep. Rodne has fought the Governor and the majority party tooth and nail as they continue to try to raise taxes on Washington families and our small business. He has been a strong voice in support of restoring fiscal responsibility and accountability to Olympia."

Toft's campaign said Rodne joins a growing list of Eastern King County and Washington leaders supporting his bid for the open 5th District. State Sen. Cheryl Pflug, who evoked the ire of state Republicans when she withdrew her candidacy after the filing period, declined to endorse a candidate for the open seat.

Head Scratcher July 03, 2012 at 11:21 PM
Toft has no college degree and works in the mortgage industry....sounds like a real winner
Danny Chapman July 04, 2012 at 01:33 AM
Brad attended Seattle Pacific University - School of Business and Economics. And as to working in the mortgage industry, not everyone that worked in the real estate industry was "bad". Your comment is a personal attack with no merit. If you are going to speak about a politician that you do not care for, then disagree with his positions and policies - NOT whether he has a degree or not, or what he does to support his family.
Jeanne Gustafson July 04, 2012 at 01:48 AM
So, given this conversation, here's a question for Patch users. Is a college degree prerequisite to be a good elected official? Here's an article from the Chronicle of Higher Education that includes the opinions of several education institutions as food for thought: http://chronicle.com/article/Four-Experts/127852/ . What do you think?
Danny Chapman July 04, 2012 at 03:04 AM
I might be old fashioned, but "smarts" to me has more to do with common sense, compassion and kindness - rather than a degree. I have known scores of people with degrees that I wouldn't vote for city dog-catcher! But I have known people that don't even have a high school degree but are filled with much wisdom. So, no, I do not think an Ivy League education (or degree) is necessary to be a good or great leader or politician.
Jeanne Gustafson July 04, 2012 at 01:40 PM
Thanks for your thoughtful comment, Danny, you make some really good points. A number of well-respected historical figures and current business superstars didn't have degrees but shaped our country, but do you think it's harder now for someone attain those ranks without college credentials?


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