Scandal Under Investigation at Renton FAA Office

Officials are charged with telling employees to vote Democrat, or else.

Two senior FAA managers allegedly told employees at a May meeting in the Seattle area to vote Democrat, or face job cuts, furloughs and pay cuts according to a report from the Associated Press. 

Now a government transparency group, "Cause of Action," is pushing for an investigation into this group of Federal Aviation Administration managers who allegedly made the threats during a gathering at the Renton FAA office.

Patch has put in a call to the local FAA office for comment. We'll update this story as more details come to light.

Phyllis Forister September 07, 2012 at 03:17 AM
Couldn't get the letter to open large enough to read. But, the people that received what they thought was a letter telling them how to vote don't have to do what the letter suggests! They will get their ballot in the mail and they will fill it out the way they want to and no one else will know how they voted.


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