Ammunition Found at Issaquah High School, No Weapon Suspected

School officials said there was never any sign of a firearm at the school after a student found ammunition in a hallway Monday.

Issaquah Police swept Issaquah High School with police dogs yesterday after a student found ammunition in a hallway at the end of school yesterday.

According to a letter sent to families this morning, the school resource officer determined that the ammunition likely fell out of a backpack or pocket, but police were on hand at the school this morning just to be on the safe side, Principal Paula Phelps said in the letter. There was no threat reported at the school, and authorities found no evidence of a weapon on campus.

Phelps asked parents and students to be sure to check backpacks, coats, and pockets for ammunition, especially during hunting seasons, so students don't inadvertently arrive on school with any personal weapons or ammunition.

Here is the message the school sent to families:

Dear Issaquah High Community,  

Because this is a highly sensitive time in schools across the nation, I want to make sure you are informed about a situation that occurred when a student reported finding ammunition in a hallway at the end of the school day yesterday. 

Our Resource Officer went to the area and determined from looking at the distribution that the ammunition likely fell out of a pocket or backback. 

At no time were there any threats or suspicion of an actual firearm being on campus.

However, acting with utmost safety in mind, we reviewed all security camera footage, called a staff meeting to ask if anyone had noticed any strange student behavior, and swept the building with three trained police dogs.  We also had additional police officers on campus this morning.  

Student and staff safety is always top priority, and this was another example of Issaquah police - including our on-site School Resource Officer - responding incredibly quickly and with utmost thoroughness no matter what the incident or likelihood of threat at our school.  In this case, we had a tremendous response, which gave us confidence in the security of our campus and the subsequent investigation.  Many thanks to our local officers.  

Please use this as a reminder that the strict no-weapons law/policy on campus extends to any accessories that may be associated with weapons.  Especially during hunting seasons, don't forget to check the pockets of coats, backpacks, etc., before coming onto school property.


Paula Phelps,

Principal Issaquah High School 


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