Police, Medics Respond to Fight After Eastlake/Redmond Game

Sammamish Police and Eastside Fire confirmed that there were several reports of fights at Sammamish McDonald's Friday night. At least one person was transported to the hospital, according to a witness.

Sammamish police and firefighters confirmed rumors of fights at the Sammamish McDonald's Friday night following an Eastlake vs. Redmond basketball game.

Sammamish Police dispatch confirmed Saturday morning that several people called to report at least three fights at the McDonald's around 9 p.m. and several officers responded to the McDonald's. Few other details were available Saturday morning. Firefighters from Sammamish Station 82 said that a medic was dispatched to the scene, and Juan Morales of Sammamish said he arrived at the McDonald's around 9:30 and the lobby was closed shortly thereafter.

Morales didn't see the fight, but he said at least one person was transported to the hospital, and the scene at the restaurant when he arrived was chaotic.

"The kids were talking trash to me, to police, they have no respect," Morales said.

Numerous Facebook users took to social media to decry the incident, commenting on the Officer Stan Chapin Memorial page that five Sammamish students had beaten a Redmond teen badly enough to send him to the hospital following the Eastlake Wolves' boys basketball loss to the Mustangs. As of Saturday morning, Patch was not able to confirm who was involved in the fight, but a shift manager at McDonald's said a large number of teens from Eastlake, Redmond High, and Skyline were at the restaurant last night.

Dylan Markley, a 2010 Eastlake grad who runs the Officer Stan Chapin page wrote that he was "ashamed of what I have just learned," and asked "When is the bullying and the fighting going to stop?"

Patch will update this article as more information becomes available. Did you see what happened? Call us at 425-394-3506 or email jeanne.gustafson@patch.com.


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