Wanted: 'Whiz Kids' Nominees from Sammamish

This regular feature is a tip of the hat to Sammamish students - who have done something extraordinary.

The school year for students in Sammamish is back. The opens its campus doors to pupils on Tuesday, Aug. 30.

courses began last week. Students in the can see their teachers, starting on Tuesday, Sept. 6.

So, with the start of the new school year, Sammamish Patch would like to note that the "Whiz Kids" feature will return on a regular basis. The feature honors young people, who, well, have accomplished a special goal or helped a neighbor, classmate or the city.

To get an idea of the talented young people that have been featured in the "Whiz Kids" columns, have a look at . They include a young man who is willing to go look for you if you're stranded in the mountains or outdoors, an Eagle Scout, a great debater and a student who has a knack for photography.

So, parents, teachers, principals, community leaders and coaches: Know anyone who fits the bill? Feel free to let us know about youth groups or sports teams, too.

If you do, feel free to e-mail your name, the young person's name, contact information for the two of you and the special thing that the student did to brad.wong@patch.com. We'll also ask about a photograph of the person, too.

In most cases, a Patch.com writer will contact you and the young person for a quick interview about the goal accomplished - and ones that are on the list of things to do. Oh, yes, it's probably a good idea if the young person's parents know that you're informing Sammamish Patch of his or her accomplishment - we believe in open communication.

There are talented students in Sammamish. This feature is a tip of the hat to their skills, intellect, determination and prowess.


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