Facebook Page Formed to Support Family of Sammamish's Christie Thomas

Northwestprepreport.com calls for support for the family of Christie Thomas--who has been in a fight for her life--including her son Richard "Blue" Thomas, a quarterback at Eastlake High School.

Dirk Knudsen of NorthwestPrepReport.com shared the deeply difficult story of a local family going through a life and death struggle.

Christie Thomas is a Sammamish Mom of three children, including Richard "Blue" Thomas, a 10th grade starting quarterback for Eastlake High School.

Knudsen reported that Christie Thomas was to be removed from life support at Harborview Medical Center on Sunday, Oct. 14, and shared a personal post from her husband, Richard.

We may be at back a square one but God is already completed the task.  We have a long journey ahead.  It is difficult for me but I am being stretched like never before.  I am praying for answers and strategies.  With the emotional, physical, spiritual drain, there are financial and resourcing questions that are emerging as well.

On Sunday, Northwest Prep Report launched a Facebook Page to offer the community a way to share their support for the Thomas family.

You can read the full Northwestprepreport.com story here, including the full message from Richard Thomas Sr.

Dirk Knudsen October 15, 2012 at 07:35 AM
Thanks so much to the Patch for this. Please all of you get involved when and where you can to assist others. This is a big help for this Family. Blessings to all who are reaching out. Best wishes! Dirk
Jeanne Gustafson October 15, 2012 at 04:36 PM
Thank you, Dirk, for sharing their story. I'm sure the community will rally to support the Thomases in this very difficult time.


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