Christie McMahon Malchow
I'm a new resident of Sammamish as of April 2011 having moved from Kirkland, WA where I resided for 5 years before having a baby with my husband and deciding Sammamish was a more "kid-friendly" place to raise our child.  We've now got a second child on the way & in the spirit of embracing the Plateau, we've opted to have this baby at the new Swedish Issaquah.
I tend to be an opinionated person, and politics, especially as it pertains to tax payer dollars, tends to be a topic I don't sit idle on.  I hate wasteful spending of our money, afterall, the government doesn't have an income without "we the people"!  I like to know my hard earned tax dollars are being used in an efficient manner & if I see waste...well, I speak up!